Maximum Capacity: 50

Coworking Space Access: 24/7 or specific hours

Additional Services: Unlimited meeting room access, printing & scanner access, parking, private locker, etc.

Introducing our dedicated desk solution at ZenVen coworking space – the perfect workspace for individuals and small teams who require a consistent and personalized workspace in a shared office environment. Our dedicated desks offer a fixed, reserved workspace that is exclusively reserved for one person or a team, allowing you to leave your equipment and personal belongings in the same spot and return to it every day.

Located in our vibrant coworking space, our dedicated desks provide access to high-speed internet, printing facilities, meeting rooms, and break areas, allowing you to work in a collaborative and supportive environment. You’ll have all the benefits of a shared office space while maintaining the privacy and consistency of your own workspace.

Our dedicated desks come with additional benefits, such as lockable storage, ergonomic chairs, and customized lighting, allowing you to personalize your workspace to your specific needs. We offer flexible monthly rental plans, with the cost varying depending on your specific needs, amenities, and additional services provided by our coworking space.

Who fits best for this membership?

Overall, our dedicated desk solution is an ideal choice for individuals and small teams who need a consistent workspace that is tailored to their specific needs while being part of a vibrant and dynamic coworking community. Join us today and take advantage of our dedicated desk solution to enhance your productivity and work in a comfortable and collaborative environment.