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Event: How automated are our public procedures? By Open Data Kosovo #2

Considering the need to further address the use of algorithms in public procedures, alGOVrithms 3.0: How automated are our public procedures, addresses and highlights the importance of using algorithms (automated decision making) in terms of public procedures in the targeted countries: Poland, Czechia, Hungary, and Kosovo. Advocacy efforts and policy recommendations provided by the partner organizations from these countries during the implementation of the alGOVrithms 3.0, will also aim to put on the forefront focus the area of e-governance at the local level. 

During this event, held on the 13th of April, 2023 Open Data Kosovo launched the report: “How automated are our public procedures?” – which addresses Kosovo, Poland, Hungary, and Czechia.

Events & Networking at ZenVen Coworking Space

We created ZenVen to provide a flexible environment where networking opportunities and knowledge sharing thrive. As part of our commitment to these values, we are excited to announce that we will be hosting community events in our event area starting April, 2023. We encourage all members of our community to attend and participate in these important discussion. In addition, we will also be providing snacks and drinks during a networking break to allow for further discussion and connection among attendees. All are welcome to join us for this event, and we look forward to seeing you all there.

Work for Yourself, Not By Yourself 

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